If the things we often use loses its charm and takes quite a beating, same can be said for our kitchen as it is the busiest part of our home. Well here’s a good news for us. If you want something new for a change, you don’t need to renovate your kitchen. You only need UPDATES. Big or small budget, you can make a difference. All you got to know are these some great tips for freshening up your kitchen. So why not try these updates to recreate you old kitchen for a fresh new look.


Try Painting the Wall and the Cabinetsimages (1)

A coat of paint is the easiest way to update your kitchen. Walls, cabinet, and other plane type surfaces are easy to paint. It certainly is a great way to give your kitchen a noticable new look from your old dated one. Low-cost and can be accomplished in a single afternoon. But let the paint dry up first before using  it again okay?





 The Kitchen Lightings


Kitchen lights brings life depending on what and where you have them fixed on. Task will be much easier done if the ambient of the kitchen is good. Because some kitchen often have one overhead fixtures, it doesn’t provide enough light for the entire room. And since common kitchen have tight spaces, try installing track lights that disperse throughout the kitchen.  Chandelier or pendent lamp are light that also be of a use to brighten up the kitchen if fixing those kinds of light are too modern for you.


Changing Cabinet Hardware

Maybe the simplest way to update your kitchen is also simply having new hardwares. Knobs and pulls are available in a huge variety of styles and colors as well as a plethora of different shapes.




 Refacing Cabinets


Replacing old cabinets is a great alternative. Refacing involves replacing and removing cabinets and drawer fronts then adding new veneer on the fronts and sides. Hiring a professional can be expensive but doing it by yourself can only cost about half of what you can spend than hiring.




Well, replacing old appliances considers budget. Not to just look better, but to have the best functionality. Most appliances today are now energy-saving ones so they use less energy and you can save money over time. If you can afford it of course.

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