As exotic as it may sound, Unagi sushi is a very popular dish at Japanese restaurants. in view of the fact that the fish is cooked, with sweet sauce glazed on top of it.  The



fillets are glazed with a sweetened soy-based sauce, called tare and caramelized, rather over charcoal blaze. Satisfactory tare sauce is poured over consequently with the purpose of it seeps through the rice bottom.

Unadon  is a combination of  unagi and  donburi it means  “eel bowl” is a dish originating in Japan. It consists of a donburi type large bowl packed with steamed white rice, and topped with fillets of eel also known as grilled in a style well-known as kabayaki, comparable to teriyaki. There are two styles of grilled eel, the topic of which is covered more precisely under kabayaki. for all intents and purposes, in the Kantō region style, the eel is steamed before being grilled with sauce, which makes the eel more tender.  The other is the Kansai region style, which is grilled without steaming. Variations include unajū the identical dish served in jūbako food boxes frequently lacquered nagayaki  the eel and rice are served separately), and hitsumabushi.

In making an attractive presentation, pulverized dried berries of sanshō also called as Japanese pepper, although botanically unrelated are sprinkled on top as seasoning.

Not time for cooking? You can have some fresh seafood delivery services. You just need to do is to reheat the unagi fillet in the oven with some sprinkles of sake. Place it on top of rice and openhandedly pour the sauce over. While you can also buy the unagi sauce at the store, making one is so easy! The sweet and salty sauce poured over freshly-made steamed rice. But still there’s a big difference if you will cook it with love for sure It will taste as better than you will buy.

unadon2Unagi is one of the most trendy japanese cuisine and also luxurious fish in Japan.  Good unagi is pricey and well thought-out as delicacy.  Nevertheless, as an alternative of eating just a slice or two on a tiny piece of sushi rice, for sure you will tend to eat almost half a fillet on a bed of rice in Donburi (big rice bowl!)  While people in Japan can make most seafood at home, you can always buy cooked unagi at stores or restaurants.  It is very rare to see fresh eels at regular stores.  It requires special skills to fillet, debone, skewer, and grill to perfection. Have it your way, Cook it, and Enjoy eating Unadon!

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