Because Japan has managed to make its cuisine one of the world’s greatest, it is safe to say that Japanese restaurants have populated the many corners of the globe. Whatever Japanese dish it is – donburi, onigiri, sashimi, sushi, ramen, udon, and many others – Japanese chefs exert their hardest to make foods as palate-pleasing as they can be. This is the main reason why Japanese restaurants have dominated the world of culinary. To have a more comprehensive understanding about one of Japan’s most prosperous industries, here is a list of the many types of Japanese restaurants, the nature of their business, and the kind of dishes they serve.


izakayaThis type of restaurant is like a pub or a casual drinking establishment. It serves a handful of small dishes like yakitori (grilled/skewered chicked), robata (grilled food) and finger foods. Perhaps, this is the most common type of restaurant patronized by the Japanese. Izakaya restaurants usually populate places such as train stations and shopping areas.


Famiresu or Family Restaurant

famiresuFamily restaurants in Japan appear a little casual. Aside from Japanese dishes, a restaurant like this also serves Chinese and Western delicacies. Famiresu restaurants are not so common in highly urbanized areas, yet they are rampant in the countryside.




ShokudoIf you are a traveler who is visiting some tourist destinations in Japan, then you are more likely to come across a Shokudo restaurant. Unlike Famiresu that incorporates cuisines from other countries on their menu, this type of restaurant most likely feature Japanese-style foods such as donburi, curry, soba, udon, and other Japanese dishes alone.



Teishoku-yaCommonly seen in business areas are Teishoku-ya restaurants. Typically, the menu consists of a bowl of cooked rice, meat of fish, pickles and miso soup.





Kissaten and Coffee Shops

Kissaten and Coffee ShopsSimilar to coffee shops in the United States, Kissaten restaurants also serve pasta, sandwisches, salads and desserts. Kissaten restaurants are most of the time found in museums, shopping areas and department stores.




Kaiseki Ryori or Ryotei

Kaiseki Ryori or RyoteiBy definition, Kaiseki Ryori means ‘Japanese haute cuisine’ in English. The main goal of this type of restaurant is to uphold simplicity, elegance, and seasonable regardless of the current weather condition.





YataiThis type of food business is usually pretty small and movable. This resembles a food stall and serves dishes such as fried chicken (karaage), okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, oden and ramen. A Yatai business is never absent during special festivals in Japan.









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