Her Grandma's Kitchen

Her Grandma’s Kitchen

Food preparation may be the most exhausting part of meal preparation. Sometimes, it takes a whole lot of your time in the kitchen. And it is indeed, according to everyone’s experience, that most dishes takes most of your hours rather than the cooking itself. One of the main reasons on why preparation overtakes half of your time, not to mention energy and patience, is the layout of the kitchen itself. Frustratingly as it really is, the kitchen itself would ruin your time table for the day if not designed accordingly for efficient cooking experiences. The kitchen is considered as the home’s haven for cravings, so, it should better be accessed with convenience and fulfillment.

A well-designed kitchen can keep a jam from one task to another, making work systematically as possible. The layout itself may keep one person from being exasperated at seeing to it that everything should go to where it should. Having to move from cupboard to freezers; freezers to sink; sink to a cutting board; then somehow, upon all the frolicking, ending with the ranges.

The best work arrangement of the kitchen is derived from the so-called “Work Triangle”, which is divided into three major cooking areas: the cleaning are (sink); the cooking area (the range or cooktop); and, the storage area (refrigerator). When choosing the most appropriate kitchen layout, one must depend on the size of the whole area of culinary. Then, comes the assigned space for the different station.

Here are the fundamental layouts for kitchen that proves to be effective for years:

The L-Shaped Kitchen

L shaped 1L shaped 2

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a standard, natural work triangle that is created from continuous counter space and work stations on two adjacent walls.  The benefit of this kitchen floor plan is that, it does not only give the cook with a well-organized work area, but, it can also be economically fitted into a limited house space.


The U-Shaped Kitchen

  U shaped 1 U sahped 2

The U-shaped kitchen is the most versatile and efficient layout for kitchens that are large and small, because, the layout provides continuous chance for an uninterrupted work sequence amid food storage, preparation, cooking and serving area.


The G-Shaped Kitchen

G shaped 1G shaped 2

The G-shaped kitchen is a version of the U-shaped kitchen layout, with the similar quantity of counter area and storage space that surrounds the cook on his three sides.  Though, the difference with the G-shaped layout is the partial fourth wall of added cabinets.



single wall

Also known as the Galley. The single-wall kitchen floor plan is idyllic for smaller home space. Physically speaking, this work kitchen layout is less like a triangle and more of a work line with all three work stations along one wall.

single wall 2







Corridor Corridor 2

The corridor kitchen layout has a workstation enough for one cook.  In this floor plan, the work places face each other on parallel walls, forming a small work triangle. However, one should consider the amount of walking and carrying necessary from one area to another. Adjacent storage and worktop space is significant to confirm safety and conserve energy and time.


Simply said, the work triangle depends on the homemakers’ own style and preference, and specially, the person’s home space. The layouts may vary, but they prove to make preparation as easy as it can.

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