Every great cooking 😉 should have a number of essential ingredients at their reach to create wonderful dish as easily as it can be. May them be coconut oil or maybe salt and pepper to spice up your French cooking. Western cooking also involves a number of ingredients at hand, and so does every other type of cuisine.

Here are 10 common Japanese ingredients that are essential in preparing food. These are all low-cost ingredients that are readily available anywhere.


  1. Japanese Rice1

Surprisingly, this is the most popular ingredient for Japanese cooking. Japanese rice are scentless and it is sticky, hence specially made for sushi making.


  1. Japanese Soy Sauce2

Japanese Soy Sauce is known for their subtle flavours. It is vital for Japanese cooking to be able to find a genuine Japanese Soy sauce with trusted brands for best tastes.


  1. Sake3

Saké or Japanese rice wine is often used in Japanese cooking as much as white wine is used in western cooking. You can even take wine as an alternative if you can’t find sake at hand, but make sure they aren’t sweet white wines. Any brand is fine.


  1. Mirin4

Mirin is an essential ingredient used in Japanese cooking. This is a type of Japanese rice wine like sake, but with lower alcohol content and higher sugar content.


  1. Pan Ko5

Pan ko is the Japanese term for bread crumbs. The Japanese bread crumbs creates a softer and fluffier texture than those of the western alternatives.


  1. Potato Starch6

The potato starch are used for thicker and stickier sauces, as flours are used by the westerns. They are included to frying process so that the sauce are able to stick to the meat, or make them crispier.


  1. Fish Stock Powder7

Usually, the stock is prepared from swordfish, but it doesn’t give a strong fishy flavor at all. The Japanese use this fish stock as much as chicken stock is put into western foods. Its taste is hardly describable, but if you imagine the taste of a miso soup, you might be able to see how it can influence your cooking.


  1. Japanese Mayonnaise


Japanese are very elaborate about mayonnaise. They see the importance of the “reputation” of western egg mayo, because the mayonnaise made by them are made with different flavors.


  1. Rice Vinegar 9

If you want to attain an authentic Japanese dish, make sure the rice vinegar used is that of the Japanese’s rice vinegar brand, not any other type of vinegar.  They are usually used for dressings and sauce.


  1. Ponzu 10


Ponzu is a citrus based sauce that are made use of in many delicious Japanese pastes, they are typically added on dishes such as the Chijimi or the Korean pancakes, Japanese hotpot, and hamburgers.








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