The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and every homeowner has the full right to choose how he or she wants it to look like.

The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the house as this is where we prepare, cook, and most of the time, serve dishes. Just like other parts of the house, kitchens are designed differently according to the owner’s choice or the interior designer’s recommendation. However, regardless of who we follow when it comes to styling the kitchen, it is crucial that its design is functional and harmonious to the rest of the house. We understand that what is ‘great’ for you may not be ‘ideal’ for some people. Nonetheless, this article is aimed to provide ideas regarding the top kitchen designs you may want to use for your next kitchen remodeling project.

A typical modern residential kitchen is composed of stove, sink, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Appliances like microwave ovens, dishwashers and others serve as add-ons. Centuries ago, most kitchens do not usually have built-in cabinets. However, the lack of storage spaces became a physical problem. As part of the solution, companies created table tops and kitchen islands with cabinets underneath them.

As years passed, companies and homeowners alike realized that kitchens with more space are functional and more convenient to use. Of course, a convenient kitchen gives satisfaction and efficiency when working.

If you want to make the most of your kitchen, then check out this trendy yet certainly functional kitchen designs.


This exquisite kitchen is a part of a five-bedroom London town house designed by Future Systems. Being an island type kitchen, it offers convenience and comfort to those who have a liking for organization and fast-pacing.


Believe it or not? This kitchen is a part of a converted church hall. The Lith Hall from Hackney, London has a fully built-in gloss unit, white granite surface and opens up to a courtyard garden. This proves that remodeling can never really be bad as it seems to be.


This kitchen is a part of one of the most spectacular estates in the Somerset, south west of England. Castle Cary Hadspen’s elegant kitchen gives an air of aristocracy and classicism. Having a vast space, the kitchen provides easy access to everything that is needed to be done during food preparation.


From the first look, this kitchen is all elegant. Not like the regular kitchen that is very much typical, this kitchen presents a great style for those who idealizes full organization and line-up.


This modern stone house is located at the Crossroads of Southern Europe—Narbonne, which is a traditional town of the Aude department. The white unambiguous totally built-in kitchen stretches almost to the full length of the wall area at the rearmost of the property.


A property in Morpeth, Northumberland features a kitchen area that is finely exquisitely. This kitchen is refurbished with a central, circular, horseshoe-shaped island. The elegant limestone surface is finished with units containing Tepan gas wok burner and a coal steak sear.


This kitchen features a set of pine adjoined units, worktops made from granite and flooring from oak. This traditional kitchen gives the feeling of the old times from the 19th century.


A lovely kitchen from a house in the heart of Alpilles, Provence in France.


This 17th Century kitchen is a part of a country house set near Mougins, which is a medieval village surrounded by pines and cypress trees on Cote d’Azur. The kitchen opens to a striking dry-stone dining room.


The kitchen features exposed beams at the ceiling, a fireplace and granite work surfaces. This is a part of a 1920s family house located at the edge of Coombe Estate, Kingston in Thames. Elegant and sophisticated at the same time, it gives a sense of elegance and relaxation to any person who enters this absolutely gorgeous room.


From all the designs above, have you made your pick?

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