Japan is well –known for being one of the most flourishing countries the world has ever known. Paving its way to the top of every form of industry, from traditional cultures to technological modernization, it’s not a surprise that they, too, are able to be recognized for creating scrumptious dishes that all people from around the world learn to love. If you haven’t tried at least one Japanese dish, it means you haven’t lived. The Japanese have been holding gems of their own culinary world that proves how their effervescent cultures are able to influence their way of living and food.

Here is a list of top 7 Japanese dishes that are adored by people locally and worldwide:

The Yakitori


This bite-sized “barbecue-like” dish is a savory plate comprised of delicately charcoal-grilled chicken meat, or chicken offal (internal entrails). The Yakitori is usually prepared with salt and tare (sauced sweet-soy mirin). This is best contemplated during evening rituals is Japan.

The Takoyaki

takoyaki 2

Takoyaki, literally translated as octopus. This is a very casual ball-shaped Japanese fast food made of batter (wheat-flour based), filled with with diced octopus, tempura leftovers, ginger and green onion. The Takoyaki can be easily bought from the local vendors on the streets of Japan.

The Okonomiyaki

Okonimiyaki 2

Okonomiyaki. This is not your typical sweet fluffy pancake that you would like to enjoy with your cup of latte in the morning. Having derived from the words okonomi, meaning “what you like” or “what you want”, and yaki, “cooked” or “grilled”, this Japanese food is comprised of favorite mixed ingredients such as beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. At most restaurants, customers grill their own dish at a hotplate that is already built into the table.

The Ramen


Ramen is very much embraced by the people inside and outside the bounds of Japan, and considered as one of the most popular food in Japan. Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish served in a large bowl with Ramen soup (fish-based broth, flavored with soy sauce or miso) and a variety of toppings. A pleasant soup that is best eaten during cold evenings.

The Nabe


Nabe is usually prepared in a hotpot filled with hot water and some seasonings. This traditional dish is the pride of Japan and is greatly preferred during the winter seasons. Typical ingredients are meat, crabs, noodles and variety of vegetables.

The Onigiri


Anyone who is anyone is familiar with Onigiri, or at least what they are, rice balls. Onigiri or rice balls are the kind of dish that is found in any bento of the Japanese. Onigiri are made with different ingredients to fill up the balls, from plums to fried eggs, depending on how the cook wants it consumed. This can either be eaten alone or with other preferred dishes.

The Sushi


A person who knows the word “Japanese” is sure to also know the word “sushi”. This is also considered as one of the most delicious and the most favorite delight of every Japanese or Japanese want-to-be. This is a Japanese food that comprises of vinegared rice that is combined with seafood, vegetables, and sometimes tropical fruits. When planned to visit Japan, it is amust to be able to experience eating at a traditional sushi restaurant where sushi is prepared right in front of you in a conveyor belt.


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