One of the most popular type of Japanese food that is widely relished worldwide is the Tempura. Having known for its light, fluffy and savory texture, tempura gave a big contribution to deep-fried foods. Although tempura originated from Portuguese traders, it is now as one of the best known Japanese food outside Japan. There are also new tempura innovation made today, for, they are already packed into snacks, such as Tempura flavored chips.

Fried Coated Shrimp – Tempura

Tempura is Japanese dish made of seafood or vegetables that are breaded with batter and fried deeply. The coated seafood and vegetables are usually cooked in sesame oil, served with either a small amount of salt or a small cup of broth flavored with soy sauce. Tempura is commonly given with grated daikon and consumed instantaneously hot after frying. In Japan, they can be seen in bowls of soba or udon soup as a shrimp. Amongst the types of tempura, the Shrimp Tempura or Ebi-Ten is apparently the most common of this dish that is offered in every Japanese restaurants. Kakaige is a type of tempura prepared with mixed vegetable strips, mainly onion, burdock and carrots, and, sometimes it may shrimp or squid, which are deep-fried as round fritters.

Tempura is also used in come Japanese dishes. If served above soba or buckwheat noodles, they are called tempura soba or tensoba; when shrimp and vegetable tempura is complemented in a bowl of steamed rice, it is called donburi; and, when served on top of an udon soup, they are called tempura udon.

Restaurants specializing in serving tempura are refered to as Tempura-ya, ranging from cheap food chains to extravagant starred restaurants. Tempura is extensively offered as a part of a meal set or a bento. They are also popular ingredients that are mostly found in convenience store bento boxes or taken-out from restaurants. The elements and the styles of preparation, cooking and serving of tempura differ through the country and outside. Tempura’s ingredients places great importance of how seasonal and fresh they can be.

Preparing your own home-made shrimp tempura can be fairly simple. Watch this video for best and fulfilling results.

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