Japan is one of the most progressive countries in Asia, but what makes this country more interesting is its unique culture. This is the reason why many people from Europe and America love going to The Land of the Rising Sun, and some even choose to stay there for good. If you are planning to Read More →


  Nikujaga is one of the best dish which means niku (meat) and jagaimo (potatoes). It is a typical “mother’s taste” meal. The taste of Nikujaga may surprise you because of the ingredients sugar and soya sauce. Nikujaga is a classic mix of meat and potato with a Japanese flavour, a perfect dish for a Read More →


  Goya Chanpuru is the quintessential chanpuru. It consists of goya also known as bitter melon, egg, tōfu, and either Spam or thinly sliced pork.  It often also includes vegetables such as carrots. Chanpuru is Okinawan for “something mixed” and the word is sometimes used to refer to the culture of Okinawa, as it can Read More →