Creating the perfect sushi roll can be quite difficult. Although choosing the best ingredients is easy, rolling them into a trundle is hard. Anyone’s chance of producing one a that is at its perfect shape is always 50-50. The good news is there’s no need to fret. The market now has an innovative product that makes way for fast and convenient sushi making.


Sushi Mat

The traditional way of making sushi is through a little bamboo mat. This old method is applicable, but most of the time, only for expert chefs and seasoned home cooks. With this method, people who are new to sushi making would always end up with irregular rolls (making the ingredients fall out of place). If you do not want to be like the latter and spend hours in the kitchen doing trial and error, then decide on this amazing inovation.

Presenting Sushezi sushi maker! This bazooka makes perfectly large sushi rolls and does it in a short period of time. With easy-to-follow instructions, Sushezi can create perfectly formed sushi rolls snippily and reliably. No presumption and no trial; strictly no errors! Using your own selection of fillings, your home-made sushi can make you feel like a real expert. Sushezi can also be used for variety of desserts like fudge rolls, cake rolls, walnut rolls and biscuit cookies.

The best sushi is not an expensive Japanese restaurant staple anymore. Making elegant-looking and perfectly-round sushi is now possible at the comfort of your own home with the use of Sushezi Bazooka sushi maker. The whole package of this product includes a sushi tube, a plunger, and an endcap.

Features of the product according to

√ Easy to operatesushi-bazooka-gun-4

√ Dishwasher-safe

√ Made of durable plastic

√ Measures 12″x 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

√ Great for outdoor/indoor activities


Watch this video and discover how to make an exceptional sushi with the use of this product:

Ueta (hungry)? Take home this useful kitchen tool today!



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