The main purpose of a kitchen is to serve as a place for preparing and cooking foods. However these days, kitchens are also being used as a place for dishwashing, food storage, dining, laundry, and even entertainment. In some countries, contemporary residential kitchens usually have built-in stove, refrigerator, sink with hot and cold water, and kitchen cabinets that are organized into a flexible design. Because modern kitchens serve multiple functions, they should be as versatile and organized as possible. If kitchen utensils and appliances are not arranged appropriately, then homeowners would certainly need a bigger space to stack all things together, which would mean more money especially if living in the city.

This article focuses on storage or the act of putting things that are not used in a place where they are safely kept and easily becomes available when needed. Here are some brilliant storing techniques for your kitchen:

cd rck
CD Rack Lid Storage

Stack Tupperwares as if they were CDs in order to save space and free yourself from frustration. It’s space saver!


Go on a Tilt

Fake drawers under sinks are too common. Why not try altering them into spaces that can be a great place for washing implements?


Dinner Plate Cradles

Ponder to invest cradles for dinner plates instead of stacking them on top of each other. Besides, these cradles can be handy for drying them.


Recycle Bottle Containers

Bottles are great for storing and keeping pantry items in good quality. Bottles with small opening are the ideal choice for storing and dispersing small treats, such as nibbles, sugar, chocolate chips, and more. They can also be used as storage for liquids.


Vertical Storage for Bakewares

Getting pans or baking dishes that are stacked beneath some more pans can be a headache; not to mention noisy, where you have to remove whatever are on top. A wise way to avoid this issue is to create a division for each kitchen (baking) utensil.


spice racks
Spice Storage Racks

Mounting spices on walls like mops and brooms can be good space saver. These racks can be placed at cupboard shelf doors.


Door Handles

By fastening these casted out handles on walls at your sink, they can be used as replacement for those hook-ons that can’t be drilled on limited sink spaces.


Magazine Holders

Kitchen essentials can be stored vertically in magazine holders in order to make some more room for other things that need to be stored in the kitchen.



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