A famoBREAKFASTus fact regarding breakfast goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” True enough, according to studies, breakfast intake can lower the risk of chronic diseases, enhance mental performance, and improve weight management. In addition, a healthy meal in the morning gives enough energy to survive the day and satisfies one’s appetite, preventing ‘inappropriate and untimely’ eating. Conversely, researches state that not all breakfast diets can bestow these rewards. Benefits only come from those morning meals that are balanced with high-fiber, carbohydrates, and some protein.

A healthy meal for breakfast should consist of nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits and of course, vegetables. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an adult person in the United States only consumes 1.6 daily serving of vegetables, which is below the average recommended consumption established by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This report is a reminder that breakfast is the ideal time to start daily vegetable consumption.


Eat your Broccoli

Most people, especially children, hate eating vegetables. The truth is, vegetables should be present and have to be eaten during each and every meal of the day. Some people do eat vegetables during lunch and supper, but they do not give importance to these foods during early morning meals. A little do these people know that when it comes to improving health, vegetables, along with fruits, are the most powerful of all. Vegetable consumption provides important nutrients that can reduce the risk of numerous ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases caused by aging.

“Breakfast can set the stage of healthy eating through the rest of the day”, this is a belief stated by Chef Dietitian Cheryl Forberg, RD. She also cited that, once we skip breakfast and push back lunches, the body’s natural hunger cues will be disrupted. And by the time we actually eat, hunger strike is more insatiable and it makes us eat again sooner. All these result to an imbalance in the blood sugar levels, and potentially diabetes and weight gain.

Aside from vegetables, other best foods that should be eaten during breakfast are oatmeal, eggs, and fish. Actually, the internet has a long list of foods that should be served on the breakfast table every morning. If you want to be healthy and fit, then take time to discover what they are.

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