Hirosaki Castle

The middle of March until the middle of May is the spring season in Japan. At this time, the famous cherry blossom, commonly called ‘sakura’ by locals, is at its full bloom. In fact, Hanami or flower-viewing events during springtime are so popular; one of the many  reasons why thousands of tourists from around the Read More →


Mochi ice cream is not only popular in Japan and Asia. Because of its heavenly taste, it is becoming increasingly famous across North America, Europe and even Africa. This small and round Japanese dessert is made of pounded sticky rice cake on the outside and ice cream on the inside. The delicious filling may be Read More →

Sushi and Sashimi

Japan is one of the countries I personally love to experience and wish to work in. It is clean, the people are courteous, and the food is absolutely delicious. No wonder why out of more than 190 countries in the world, Japan made it to the top 10 in terms of places with the best Read More →

Sushi Kyotatsu

Sushi is a very popular Japanese food. In fact, it is not only famous in Japan but all across the globe. This site has mentioned the word ‘sushi’ almost a dozen times and has featured it in a number of articles including the ‘Sushi-Meshi: Your Sour Vanity’ and the ‘Sushezi Bazooka: An Easy Way of Read More →


Do you know that Japan ranks third in terms of highest number of eggs consumed per person per year? In fact, every individual in Japan consumes an average of 329 eggs annually. There are 365 days in a year; so this statistic is almost equivalent to 1 egg per person per day. The Japanese people Read More →

Anko Toast

It can be supposed that Anko can now pass as one of the Japanese staples these days.  Anko is a sweet paste made from zauki beans. Although on their own, Azuki beans are sweet, but they are still commonly sweetened with sugar or honey. The appearance of the azuki beans make it difficult to be Read More →


Aburaage is said to be Japan’s key for the soft tofu problem. Aburaage are tofu pouched made from thinly sliced tofu that are deep fried conferring to an intricate procedure that produces flexible, delicious and resilient tofu. Historically, the Japanese was the first to develop tofu pouches. Although, its history us not much clearly stated. Read More →