Onigiri and the Pampering Experience

People love searching and reinventing for foods that is strange to their taste and unfamiliar to their knowledge. Why? Food halts cravings; it gives feelings of happiness and contentment when it’s eaten. There are these food enthusiasts that go all over the world to try various tastes of foods. This is where they found pleasure. Let us admit that none of us hates it. Whether we despise it because we’re on a diet (the thought which forbids a person to eat a lot more), we just can’t resist of eating.

Japan is not just recognized with its prominent Mt. Fuji as the tallest mountain and an active volcano in Japan, it is well-known with its cuisines that are indulging. Japanese cuisines are known wherever we go. It gives us tastes that are unalike with any other flavors. Japan is recognized with its undying sashimi that led countries to imitate or create their own version of it. There are a lot more Japanese cuisines that everyone should try. Let’s focus with Onigiri.

If we’re going to type Onigiri in search engines like Google, we will be confused of the results it gives us. Some of it has something to do with a game; some are tutorials on how to cook it. The thing here is the latter. Onigiri is a food, something to cook, originated from Japan.

Onigiri is a rice ball made with white rice that is molded into shapes like triangle or egg-shaped wrapped with Nori seaweed. Being the easiest Japanese recipe, it would be a convenient to everyone who wants to make it. Here is one of many ways in making Onigiri.

Cook the rice first and toss it firmly. There are Japanese condiments that you can add as filling. One of it is the Omusubiyama, a seasoning for Onigiri. Labeled in there are directions on how to use it as filling. Measure rice as to how much the seasoning is better tasted, mix in the seasoning, wet your hands or put a least amount of salt in it for shaping the Onigiri so the rice won’t stick in your hands. Form the rice in a triangular shape by pressing it lightly the rice in your palms. When the target shape is formed, it is now done. You have now the Onigiri with omusubiyama as filling.

Another seasoning that you can use in making this Japanese recipe is Bonito Flavored Furikake.

Onigiri and the Pampering Experience

Do the first things stated a while ago. Only the seasoning will change this time. Sprinkle the flavor in the rice and mix it, then form another triangular shape. You can also use Fujikko, a salty dried kelp. This time, it will not be mixed; rather the filling will be placed inside the rice. After tossing the rice, make a slight hole in the middle and put the filling and form it in a shape. You can wrap it with Nori seaweed.

There are still some ways in forming onigiri, just click the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFyfPvo97XQ.

Isn’t it nice to know that Onigiri, recognized as full of simplicity, is a humble food that comes from Japan, one of the wealthiest nations in the world? It not just feed our tummies as well as the thought that it is made with effort.


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