OnigiriOne of the easiest and most convenient way to make Onigiri is to use a plastic Onigiri mold. These onigiri molds are easy to clean and reuse and for the small investment, will really save you a lot of time and anguish. Onigiri-MoldI learnt by hand to mold my onigiri rice in a piece of plastic wrap and I always found that there was too much rice, or that the shape was not very good. Onigiri molds to the rescue!Onigiri-white-moldPrint By using an onigiri mold you are able to get the perfect shape you would like, and also use it as a storage container once you’ve placed your filling inside. As you can see by the triangle on the top of the mold, it can be pressed to make a space for your filling. cute-onigiriThere are even some really cute containers to carry them in as well! Click on the pictures for more information on each Onigiri mold. The best shape can make the flavor that much better! Enjoy, from EasyOnigiri.com

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