Takoyaki is a Japanese snack in the form of little round balls consisting pieces of octopus.  It exactly translates to “octopus” which means “tako” and fried means “yaki” and several may call it “Octopus Balls” or “Octopus Dumplings”. Takoyaki is one of Osaka’s quintessential street foods. If you ever come across a takoyaki stand stay awhile and check out the takoyaki makers. They’re mesmerizing! It is one of the places you should never miss to visit.

Takoyaki was originated in Osaka around 1935 and became popular in other vicinity of Japan.  It’s one of most popular street foods along with Okonomiyaki and can be found at the street vendors, convenience stores, supermarkets, food courts, and of course takoyaki specialty restaurants. Takoyaki production is relatively time consuming, and the little balls are best eaten while piping hot.

A dashi flavoured batter is poured into the molds and then each has pieces of octopus or you can choose anything that you want add like cheese or sausage for kids, shrimp pieces when octopus is not available, vegetables like chopped cabbage.  When the undersides of the balls are cooked, they’re flipped with skewers so that within batter flows out to generate the other side of the ball. It’s amazing to watch a real takoyaki maker. They’re fast, fuming and stir up out the little balls like there’s no tomorrow. Takoyaki making have need of several practice, especially turning each ball when it’s still doughy.  Takoyaki is always served piping hot.  It’s slightly crispy outside and mushy inside.  Simply delicious!


Original Takoyaki

Takoyaki is made with dashi flavored batter filled with a few pieces of octopus, crispy scraps of tempura, green onions, and pickled red ginger.  It’s usually served with takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayo, topped with sprinkle of dried green seaweed and katsuobushi. Don’t like octopus?  You can have alternatives like veggies, corn, cheese; small mochi pieces.  Takoyaki is well-liked food not only as a snack but also as a meal. With savory Takoyaki Sauce it can be a very good main dish for dinner.

Takoyaki can be baked or either fried octopus, if you don’t want octopus, does is it mean it’s not really Takoyaki anymore?  Well, that’s not true!  The choices are endless you can put something according to your style and taste. They are best eaten hot right out of a pan. What are you waiting for?  Get a Takoyaki pan and enjoy fresh homemade Takoyaki!

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