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Today, we are learning some Japanese words/phrases. Who knows, our path will lead us to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ someday. Let’s start off with some Japanese words that are commonly used before, during, and after eating.


English Japanese How to Write
Hungry Onaka Suita / Hara Hetta おなかすいた
I am hungry. Onaka ga akimashita.
To Eat Tabemasu 食べます
To Not Eat Tabemasen 食べません
To Drink Nomimasu 飲みます
To Not Drink Nomimasen 飲みません
Food Tabemono 食べ物
Water Mizu
Drink (noun) Nomimono 飲み物
Good Tasting/Delicious Oishii 美味しい
The food is delicious. Tabemono wa oishīdesu.  




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Common Places to Eat 

English Japanese How to Write
House Ie
Convenience Store Konbini コンビニ
Super Market Suupaa Maketto スーパーマーケット
Restaurant Resutoran レストラン
Hotel Hoteru ホテル


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Common Phrases

English Japanese How to Write
Hello Konnichiwa 今日は
Welcome Yookoso  
Is there a restaurant near here? Kono chikaku ni resutoran wa arimasu ka? この近くにレストランはありますか?
We have a reservation. Sudeni yoyaku o totte imasu. 既に予約をとっています
I would like to reserve a table. Tēburu no yoyaku o toritai no desu ga.
How much is the
total bill?
Seikyūsho no gōkei wa ikura desu ka?

Learning how to speak Japanese, just like other languages, is never easy. It is like going back to our toddler years – the time when we first learn to speak our native language. However, remember that the key to faster learning is constant practice, patience and determination.


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