If you want to save big time, then cook at home rather than eat out. While this is true for some people, others end up spending more because they have the habit of buying unnecessary ingredients (especially when rush shopping) and throwing away leftovers. With the recession the world is experiencing these days, we have to be as thrifty as we can. Listed below are some tips on how you can store foods properly and make them last longer, how you can save when cooking, and how to avoid pouring things down the drain.

Make a plan before cooking.

Meal Plan

  • If you have the luxury of time, then write down everything you need before heading to the supermarket. Do not be someone who just grabs anything they see in the food rack. Doing so will only ruin your budget and you will come home realizing you have bought some ingredients you don’t even need.

When cooking, avoid ingredients that will make the entire dish spoil fast.

  • Good examples for this are coconut milk and tomatoes. Adding coconut milk and tomatoes when cooking chicken and pork soup spoils the dish fast. On the other hand, ingredients such as lemon and soy sauce can make dishes last longer.

Dairy products spoil fast; do not hoard them in the kitchen.

Dairy Products

  • Soft and hard cheeses, cream, milk, and yogurt are some examples of dairy products with short shelf life. These products tend to expire only within one week after their expiration date printed on the packaging.

When it comes to seafood, buy only what you can eat for a day or two.


  • Not only dairy products, seafood too have short shelf life. Yes, seafood are delicious and healthy but storing four to five kinds of fishes in the freezer is not recommended. Aside from consuming a lot of space, you are only making the fridge and kitchen smell awful. Buy only what you can eat for the day or, if your relatives are coming for lunch, buy a kilo or two of tuna.

The freezer is good for storing stews and soups.

Soups and Stews

  • If you have some leftover stews and soups, then place them in Ziploc bags and put them in the freezer. Just reheat them when you are already in the mood to eat them again.

 Use Ziploc bags.

  • When cooking, there are really times when you end up with many leftovers and unused ingredients. This is where the need to use Ziploc bags sets in. Ziploc bags are airtight; they have the ability to make foods stay fresh and last longer.

Arrange foods in an orderly manner.

Foods in the Fridge

  • Regardless if the foods are placed inside Ziploc bags or not, make sure you arrange them correctly. Place foods having short shelf life at the top of the fridge or pantry and place those that naturally last longer at the bottom. Also make it a habit to put labels and include the expiry date.

KITCHEN SECRET: No matter how many kinds of food you have in the refrigerator or pantry, you can make them last longer by placing an opened can of baking soda.

Baking Soda

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