The kitchen can be the most unorganized and chaotic place in someone’s home. Fortunately, a little hacking in the kitchen makes a big difference.

Life hacking are tricks, skills, shortcuts or innovations that upsurge productivity and efficiency in every aspect of our day to day activities. This means that life hacks solve people’s usual and daily issues in an inspiring, ingenious and startling manner. Indeed, a modern Gordian knot (a legendary metaphor associated with Alexander the Great that disentangles knots or problems easily by using cheats).

In order to make your life in the kitchen more convenient, you will certainly need hacks that can make the job done successfully. If you are tired of cooking at home because it requires most of your time and it needs ingredients that spoil fast, then it is time for you to know that tricks and hacks exist to save you from these troubles.

Here are some kitchen hacks you can adopt to resolve minor problems in the kitchen:


Kitchen Hack #1: Bake Bacons instead of Frying


Baking results to evenly and consistently cooked bacons with no raw ends. This is the trick of most restaurants, the reason why they are able to serve un-crumbly, tender bacon. Bake bacons at 400 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit to get best results.


Kitchen Hack #2: Making Orange Candles


Orange, as in orange fruit, can be made into candles. The key is to not slice through the part where the stem resides for it will serve as the wick of the orange candle. Add oil, olive oil is preferable, for this will serve as the fuel for your candle.


Kitchen Hack #3: Preserve Berries with Water


Soak fresh berries in vinegar with water to prevent immediate molding. This process also removes residues caused by sprayed pesticides. Hot water is also an ideal alternative.


Kitchen Hack #4: Salad Dressing from Leftover Mayo


Just add vinegar, oil, herbs and spices to whatever is left in a jar of mayo and mix well. Voila, instant salad dressing!




Kitchen Hack #5: Cheese Wrappers


When cutting cheese, exposed ends tend to dry out after some time. Hence, if you want to preserve them, cut the cheese right through the package before removing the desired quantity. Then, slide back the empty package over the remaining (unused) cheese.


Kitchen Hack #6: Storing Garlic and Onions


Preserve garlic and onions on paper bags punched with holes. This will slow down molding for up to two months.


Kitchen Hack #7: Tip for Storing Avocado


Oxidation, or the normal process of fruits and vegetables turning brown, can be prevented in few ways. For instance, you can keep an avocado cut in half from turning brown if you sprinkle an apple cider vinegar over it. When storing it in the fridge, place it in a plastic ware along a slice of onion.


Kitchen Hack #8: Juicing Citrus


A warm fruit releases more juice than its usual temperature. Before squeezing, try microwaving the citrus for 10-20 seconds.


Kitchen Hack #9: Making Instant Hot Chocolate


Pour warm milk into an almost empty jar of Nutella, and add some marshmallows for greater experience. Besides having to drink a delicious hot chocolate, you’ve managed to empty a jar contentedly before washing.


Kitchen Hack #10: Food Huggers


Leftover spices are not meant to be thrown if not needed; they can be used for omelets. Therefore, no need to throw them in the garbage bin — instead, hug them.


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