Japanese food is one of the most wanted and most popular cuisines across the globe. However, finding an authentic Japanese restaurant can be difficult, especially if you are after a place for budget dining.

It’s not a question why some Japanese restaurants bill their customers with prices that are surprisingly high, for every menu served are made from fresh and quality ingredients. If you want to experience the luxury of Japanese dining without hurting your wallet, then own one or two of the many cookbooks and food guides published by seasoned and amazing Japanese authors. One of them is the ‘Japanese Cooking’ book by Emi Kazuko.


 About the Book

‘Japanese Cooking’ is a great introduction to Japanese traditions, techniques, ingredients and recipes. This 256-page book is brief, concise yet very detailed, and is almost a textbook on Japanese cooking. The introduction gives a complete description of the main ingredients, specialty dishes, utensils and, of course, cooking styles that are associated with the Japanese cuisine.

This cookbook ensures success in making the most palatable carte du jour that is a specialty of Japan, which could be considered as a reward for all the time and effort invested in preparation (specially, if you’ll be targeting some recipes that demands full outlays). This cookbook is educational; it is complete with clear images of the dishes with easy to follow instructions. This can be bought in local bookstores and in online shops such as Amazon.com.

 About the Author

Emi Kazuko is the author of several outstanding food books. She received the Best in the World Asian Cuisine Book Award in 2001 for her book “Japanese Food and Cooking”. “It is Emi’s hope that Japanese cooking will one day become part of the daily Western diet”, according to her official website.

It is always a good investment to buy cookbooks for yourself as it is a good way to save and a best way to learn how to be an excellent cook.

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