Aburaage is said to be Japan’s key for the soft tofu problem. Aburaage are tofu pouched made from thinly sliced tofu that are deep fried conferring to an intricate procedure that produces flexible, delicious and resilient tofu.

Historically, the Japanese was the first to develop tofu pouches. Although, its history us not much clearly stated.

A Tofu Hyakuchin, Japanese recipe book that was written in1782, included a recipe for deep-fried tofu, but it wasn’t described whether the tofu managed to puff like a tofu pouch of today does. In 1853, the existence of tofu pouches is made known. Because Aburaage is made to live a long storage life, light in weight and has some sort of complexity in production, tofu pouches tend to be produced in large-scale factory production that is widely distributed. In the year 1974, a total number of 116, 600 tofu pouches are made using 2 metric tons of soybean. By 1980, with the use of conveyorized deep-fryers, huge factories are now able to produce 300, 000 to 450, 000 pouches in a single day.

Study shows that a third of the total bean consumption in Japan includes deep-fried tofu, and about 85% of this are made for tofu pouches.

Aburaage is one of the unique cuisine of the Japanese. They are used in a varied forms of traditional dishes.


  1. InarizushiInarizushi

Inarizushi is the simplest and most prevalent type of aburaage, these are tofu pouches that are stuffed with sushi rice.






 2. Miso Soupmiso soup

A palatable miso soup balances ingredients that can literally float and ingredients that completely sink. Aburaage is an ingredient that floats, a fair contrast with the regular tofu which tends to sinks.






 3. Odenoden

Aburaage pouches that are filled with mochi and vegetables is a common oden constituent.






 4. Atsuageatsu-age04

This is a thicker variant of aburaage. It is made with regular tofu in the middle and an outer shell of aburaage. Atsuage can be served grilled or in a light broth as a part of main dish.






  5. Inari Udon & Inari Sobakitsuneudon

Aburaage is a typical topping for udon or soba noodles.




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