girl-thinking-249x300Having trouble with some kitchen issues and worries? We may have some solution that has the best answer for that. All it takes are those unlikely things you may also found on your house and you maybe surprised that not only it can do what its suppose to do, but it has some more good use.

Cleaning is a day to day trade that has never been too easy no matter what some people say. It’s never been too light to be a job worthy of miscalculation. And it’s never been too faultless no matter how we want it to be.

We’ve been cleaning since the first time we are able to hold a broom, but ostensibly we always end up with something wrong with it. It’s not at all necessary to buy bottled things to get home cleaning done, especially at the grimiest part of the house, which is the kitchen. Surprisingly, things available at your very own kitchen can do far more  better job. These things include peroxide, baking soda and vinegar. And so, here are some cleaning tips and tricks in which one can say useful and brilliant.

Sanitizing Sponges

sanitizingSponges have a consistent capability to contain millions of germs. Homeowners prefer sponges that have rough sides for scrubbing pots and pans, but at some point, they need to be thrown away. This is an inevitable waste, but that can be avoided. Try putting them in microwaves for few minutes and see how the microbes sputter away.


Kitchen Cabinet Muck Remover

cabinetKitchen cabinets are filthier in the outer side of its door than you think. Take a closer look and you will see gunk in every corner, proof of its long overdue. A good way to clean the dirt only needs two substances that you can effortlessly find in your kitchen. Think vinegar and baking soda. Mixing these two can make a difference. Make use of a toothbrush to make sure even the deepest corners are cleaned.

Cleaning In-Between Oven Window Glasses

You’ll think it’s impossible to clean in between the glasses of oven windows, but it is really not that hard. Just grab some wipes, a straightened hanger and some rubber bands.


Removing Labels


It is undeniably frustrating to scrub off labels from ceramics. However, here’s a trick to make this job a lot easier. Add about one scoop of Oxiclean to a sink or basin filled with warm water and let all ceramics sit there for about 30 minutes. After half an hour, you will see the sticky labels float away.

garbageGarbage Disposal Cleaning

The problem with garbage disposals is that they get dirty and get their blades dull. Leftovers planned to be disposed off like celery, chicken bones and pasta can create future clogs, which may result to bad odors. Cleaners help, but for only some time. As an alternative, use some ice, vinegar and lemons. Completely grind down some lemons, grind few pieces of ice, and place both – together with vinegar – in the garbage disposal. Then, rinse with water. The solutions makes wonders, it sharpens the blades, dislodge pieces and leaves a nice lemon smell in it.


Cleaning Stove Burners with No Scrubbing

cleaning stovesA quarter of a cup of ammonia sealed up with burners in a zip-lock bags. This won’t soak the burners; the fumes of the ammonia will do the job for you. Let it sit in a cookie tray overnight. Once done, wipe with a sponge, and they’re good as new.



Non-Stick Grills

non stick

Now, you will not have problems with scrubbing your grills. Rub onions on the grill before grilling burgers. It is the best thing for your grillers.



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