A person’s daily nutritional requirements are intended to sustain his day-to-day activities in the form of meals. Meals, on the other hand, should consist of controlled and balance quantities of nutrients. However, people these days are having a hard time meeting their daily nutritional requirement mainly because of poor food choices.

For instance, a cake is in need of sugar in order for it to taste as how it should be or bread crumbs for crispier fried chickens. We know that too much sugar is not ideal; thus, some people are discovering alternatives, replacements or substitutes to control the ingredients in the foods they are eating.

Experts are now using surprising food elements that can replace the most common ingredients in everyday meals in order to make dishes more nutritious but still delicious. Discover these food replacements that will surely change your usual diet giving you more balanced and fulfilling meals. Let’s talk about some food replacements for healthier living!



Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream


Sour creams are perfect for chips and burritos but a Greek yogurt can do justice, too. Greek yogurt is really thick and creamy, and it strains off whey — the milk part that remains when the milk curdles. This is the reason why it contains less sugar, which means lesser carbohydrates and more protein.



Cinnamon for Sugar


Making use of cinnamon instead of sugar to spice up your coffee can improve the flavor without adding calories to your drink. This ingredient is also perfect for oatmeal.


Popcorns for Chips


Popcorns are much healthier snacks than potato chips or nachos, but be sure to choose the salted ones. Three cups of popcorns contain about a hundred of calories, calories that are contained in not more than 10 greasy chips.


Cacao Nibs for Chocolate Chips


Did you know that chocolate chips are originally cacao nibs? Well (for some), now you do. Cacao beans are roasted, grounded and then turned to chocolates. First and foremost, inorganic and processed foods are dwindled of their essential nutrients, so it is preferable to dive to unprocessed crumbs of cacao which are cut off from additives and sugar, and are dosed with antioxidants.


Mushrooms for Pizza Crust


Unsurprisingly, pizza is one of the world’s favorite fast-food staple that is made up of staggering calories that really disrupts the controlled diet required. Providentially, mushrooms can lower the calorie contained in the crust of pizzas. Drizzle the mushroom caps with olive oil, then load them up with pizza toppings such as cheese, pepperonis, veggies and then bake. When it’s baked, you are guaranteed to have a mouth-watering yet surely healthy snack.


Zucchini Ribbons for Pasta


Thin ribbons or strips of zucchinis can stand in for your pasta-based meals. Packed with lovely nutrients that relay for a good diet, these can also be cooked easier than the regular pasta by simply sautéing them for minutes until their soft before combining other healthy ingredients.


Mashed Turnip for Mashed Potato


Mashed potatoes are generally served with whole milk in which one cup can be packed up to 180 calories, with salt and butter still set aside for the least. A cup of mashed turnips, which is not in need of milk or butter to be creamy, contains less than 60 calories. Don’t worry on how the taste of the cup will come to be for it is proven to be fulfilling as those of the mashed potatoes.


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