How frequent have you’ve been left at home to make your own meal? And when these times happen, what’s the most common thing you end up preparing? Most likely, these would be sandwiches or instant noodles of some sort or a lunch alone outside can be another choice. And you’ll think you’re better off that way because you don’t want to cost yourself the trouble of making one.

But there’s one good thing about being left alone is a good opportunity to get creative on your own food. Scavenge for the most peculiar way to prepare your breakfast and supper. Try to knock something out of your nog that could lead you to an epiphany. Use anything that your kitchen can offer to prepare something that you can call enchanting and flavorful. Food hacking, that’s the best way to do it.

Food hacking or cheating at some way in order to achieve some palatable foods in the easiest and the most possibly unique way and, ways in which making meals could never be easier than it can be. If you’re a beginner in this field of food, try these things for starters. They are too good to be true and too easy to be real. Now, let’s hack some foodies.


Food Hack #1: Shells in the Egg


Eggs are meal staples.
Although anyone may find it the easiest thing to do, it’s most likely regrettable if some shells of the eggs goes with the contents when cracked. Because of its sticky texture, pulling out the cracked shell could be a pain. And so, the best way is this. Wet your fingers and tug them out.


Food Hack #2: Alcoholic Ice Candy for Adults


So you think these frozen treats are for kids, well, they are actually. But the thing is, they could also be a great tipple for adults. Just put red bull or brandy on ice candy plastics, suspend it in a freezer, wait until it’s become solid, and, voila! Instant ice candy that is best for you.


Food Hack #3: The Cheesy Bread Hack


A simple loaf of bread form your pantry can a little bit plain sometimes. Here’s a tasty remedy for your absurdly boring loaf of bread. You can make your own creation by adding more ingredients. But just make sure to have it last for some time if you are on your own.


Food Hack #4: Brilliant idea for breakfast


Tired of plain sunny-side up for your breakfast meal? Try this flavorful hack. Do it by cooking your egg into the shape from an onion or bell pepper ring and season with pepper. Not only you can achieve a new splendid taste, you can also create an appetizingly looking egg that can make you feel like an expert.


Food Hack #5: Making the perfect mashed potatoes.


Just follow these steps and you won’t wander off into faulty mashed potatoes.


Food Hack #6: Mexican HACK


Grab your favorite nacho or burrito snack and put on taco ingredients. Experience eating taco in convenient consumption while taking a stroll or watching TV.


Food Hack #7: Easy Sticks of Cheese7

Needless to say, just grab a hold of your regular slice bread. Flatten with a rolling pin, put a slice of cheese, and cut the loaf edges to perfect fit. Roll. Fry. And finish with a dip of your choice.


Food Hack #8: Pancake Popsicles


What could be more pleasant with popping a whole pancake in your mouth? No need for a plate and spoon that contributes to your sink clatters in the morning. These hinges could also serve as a children’s party delicacy. Just make sure that your batter is thick and you won’t have any problem with your Popsicle to fall out from it’s sticks.


Food Hack #9: More Pancakes9

Use cookie cutters to shape your pancakes to a creative shape. A great treat for everyone at any time of the day.


Food Hack #10: More Cookie Cutters for Eggs


Yup, cutters can also be used for eggs. Ideas brought to you by fast food chains that use circular rings for a perfectly shaped egg.


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