Japan is one of the most progressive countries in Asia, but what makes this country more interesting is its unique culture. This is the reason why many people from Europe and America love going to The Land of the Rising Sun, and some even choose to stay there for good. If you are planning to go there for a vacation, then you need to know what you will experience there.

Old and New

When it comes to technological advancement, Japan’s achievements have been impressive. Despite the continuous modernization around the country, you will still see several buildings with traditional architectural design. Many of their traditions are still being practiced, and you can even see men and women wearing traditional outfits.


A Geisha serving tea.

A Geisha serving tea.

Trained in traditional entertainment including dance and music, the geishas have always been considered beauty and mystery incarnate. Meeting a real geisha is a bit expensive and difficult because you can only see them in traditional banquet houses, which only accept guests that have reference from old clients. It is possible to get an appointment with them through the help of your concierge if you are staying in a five star hotel.



It is important to note that sushi is not the only delicious meal you can eat in Japan. If you have an adequate budget, consider eating in high-end restaurants that serve traditional Japanese cuisine. Their menu often consists of dishes that are rarely served in ordinary Japanese restaurants. This will surely take you on an unforgettable gustatory adventure.

The beauty of the Japanese culture continues to fascinate and impress people. Everyone who have been there would surely agree that a visit in Japan is like stepping to a new world. If you are planning to visit Asia on your next vacation, then you should visit Japan first.

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