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I’m so glad you’ve found us. I have been enjoying Onigiri for over ten years. I was lucky enough to live and work in Seoul, Korea for a couple of years and became addicted to the little green triangle we call Onigiri, or in Korean, 주먹밥 which basically translates as ‘rice ball’. I loved the ones that I would get in the convenience store, but found that when I was able to have homemade ones, that I loved them much more. That’s why I am passing my love on to you. Real recipes, tips, and tricks learned from both Japan and Korea.

On EasyOnigiri.com we gather the most interesting Onigiri information on the internet in one convenient location for you to browse. None of the products on this website are sold directly by EasyOnigiri.com, but by clicking the links you can learn more about how these products work or where to find even more Onigiri information. It also helps keep the lanterns on 🙂

We are posting new recipes, tips, and cultural information regularly, so check back regularly and enjoy EasyOnigiri.com