Candy Sushi

Sky is the limit when you think about the different desserts you could make for a party. If you want to serve sweet snacks that is impressive both for the eye and the palate, then consider making candy sushi. This is basically a variety of candies that are put together in a manner that resembles a sushi. The candy sushi recipe discussed below is simple and easy to make.

Candy Sushi Ingredients

Candy Sushi Ingredients

You have the option to use Japanese rice or rice krispies. First, you need to melt two and a half tablespoons of butter in low heat. Once the butter has melted completely, add around 24 regular marshmallows. Be sure to keep the fire low in order to avoid burning the marshmallows. Add four cups of Japanese rice or rice krispies once the marshmallows have melted and blended completely with the butter.

It would take a while before the marshmallows will melt, and you can use that time to prepare the other ingredients. The best thing about the candy sushi recipe is its versatility. Basically, you can use any soft candies and preserves that are colorful. Gummy candies are quite popular, but you can also use dried fruits. However, you need to make sure you have adequate fruit roll-ups.

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If the rice krispies and marshmallow mix is ready, lay down a sheet of fruit roll-ups. Place around two or one and a half tablespoon of krispies over the fruit roll-up. Then place licorice candies, gummies, dried fruits, or whatever chewy and soft candies you want to use. Use candies with green, orange, and red colors to give your sushi candy a more authentic look.

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Once you placed everything, roll the fruit roll-ups. Soak your knife in a bowl of hot water, then slice the rolls. What you get is a dessert that looks like a real sushi. In order to complete this candy sushi recipe, serve them in a bamboo plate with chopsticks. Provide a small cup of chocolate sauce, which will look like soy sauce. Serve and enjoy!

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