Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream Ingredients

Although there are many unique, interesting, and absolutely delicious desserts in Japan; ice cream in this country is just as popular as it is in the western part of the globe. Among other flavours, green tea has become the favourite of Japanese. In fact, even the rest of East Asia. How about holding a party Read More →


If the things we often use loses its charm and takes quite a beating, same can be said for our kitchen as it is the busiest part of our home. Well here’s a good news for us. If you want something new for a change, you don’t need to renovate your kitchen. You only need Read More →


Spending too much time on kitchen? You may be doing it wrong. Taste and quality of food does not depend on how long you cook it. It’s how you prepare and work in the kitchen. Having a systemized process in cooking gives you more time for yourself and saves you energy. If this isn’t enough Read More →


Yakisoba is a popular Japanese dish, usually eaten during snack and/or lunch. Literally meaning “fried noodles”, yakisoba is believed to have originated in China. However, during the early 20th century, fried noodles made a debut in food stalls in the Japanese country. Yakisoba noodle is made from wheat flour, although ‘soba’ is buckwheat in English. Read More →

sugar bunny

Incredible Japanese kitchen implements and gadgets that make life absolutely easier. Some people just can’t get enough of things made in Japan. If you are one of these fanatics, then pay close attention to the following kitchen gadgets. They only do not look ‘cute and amazing’; they also do the job of hastening kitchen production. Read More →

10 kitchen hacks and ideas_large_jpg

The kitchen can be the most unorganized and chaotic place in someone’s home. Fortunately, a little hacking in the kitchen makes a big difference. Life hacking are tricks, skills, shortcuts or innovations that upsurge productivity and efficiency in every aspect of our day to day activities. This means that life hacks solve people’s usual and Read More →