Sun-Grown Tea

The unique ways of growing tea and the interesting art of drinking it have been and will always be a part of the Japanese tradition. According to history, tea was first used as a drink of religious classes in Japan. Originally, tea seeds were imported from China; although much of the cultivation took place in Japan. Read More →

Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream Ingredients

Although there are many unique, interesting, and absolutely delicious desserts in Japan; ice cream in this country is just as popular as it is in the western part of the globe. Among other flavours, green tea has become the favourite of Japanese. In fact, even the rest of East Asia. How about holding a party Read More →


Japanese cuisine has a unique flavor that will surely impress even the most discerning diner. If you have a sweet tooth, then you need to try making your own Japanese dessert. One of the most popular and easy to do is Anmitsu. The original Anmitsu recipe consists of sweet bean paste or anko, mitsu or Read More →

Popular Japanese Desserts

Well, the Japanese cuisine is not all about rice (sushi) and/or thin slices of fresh fish (sashimi). It is also about something else.. something sweet! It is not only the Japanese people who cook Japanese dishes. Even Americans, Europeans, and other people from around the globe prepare Japanese dishes at the comfort of their own Read More →


Shabu-shabu, which can also be spelled shyabu-shyabu, is a popular Japanese dish. It is so famous that it is served in many Japanese restaurants all over the world. Although a ‘young’ dish (young for the fact that it was introduced in a restaurant in Osaka only in the late 20th century), shabu-shabu has quickly gained Read More →


Whereas Japanese delicacies are actually adored around the world due to its balanced, unique, and also scrumptious traits, street food is now an increasingly common way for visitors to experience new and unaccustomed cultures. Japan isn’t any exemption since eastern-influenced street foods tend to be doing their way onto plates and hands from around the Read More →


Korokke (Japanese Croquette コロッケ) is a food that is similar to the croquette of France. This food is a deep-fried breaded patty consisting mainly of mashed potatoes and cream sauce. Other ingredients include chopped meat, seafood and/or vegetables. Korokke patties are usually shaped flat, rolled in wheat flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, then deep fried in hot Read More →

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