Sun-Grown Tea

The unique ways of growing tea and the interesting art of drinking it have been and will always be a part of the Japanese tradition. According to history, tea was first used as a drink of religious classes in Japan. Originally, tea seeds were imported from China; although much of the cultivation took place in Japan. Read More →


Shabu-shabu, which can also be spelled shyabu-shyabu, is a popular Japanese dish. It is so famous that it is served in many Japanese restaurants all over the world. Although a ‘young’ dish (young for the fact that it was introduced in a restaurant in Osaka only in the late 20th century), shabu-shabu has quickly gained Read More →


A person’s daily nutritional requirements are intended to sustain his day-to-day activities in the form of meals. Meals, on the other hand, should consist of controlled and balance quantities of nutrients. However, people these days are having a hard time meeting their daily nutritional requirement mainly because of poor food choices. For instance, a cake Read More →


The relatively healthier diet practiced by the Japanese have let them live longer than everyone else in the world. This statement had been proven in the previous article, Japanese Diet Can Let You Live Up To 100 years! where we specified the evidences on how the Japanese people are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle Read More →


While the typical Mediterranean diet consists of vegetables and fishes dredged in olive oil, the Japanese cuisine is presenting a fresh and fulfilling way to becoming healthy. According to studies, East Asian residents are expected to live at least 82 and a half years of age as compared to people living in other countries with Read More →


A famous fact regarding breakfast goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” True enough, according to studies, breakfast intake can lower the risk of chronic diseases, enhance mental performance, and improve weight management. In addition, a healthy meal in the morning gives enough energy to survive the day and satisfies one’s appetite, Read More →