Besides being known by its natural beauty, preserved culture, anime and karaoke, culinary has been Japan’s major cultural export market leader during the past years. According to Japanese Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, about 24, 000 Japanese restaurants are built around the world. Restaurants serving various dishes ranging from noodles to skewer grilled chicken offal. And because of the world’s love for Japanese, it resulted to continuous buildings of Japanese culinary haven at any part of the earth.

Here are so­­­­­­­­­me Japanese­­­­­ restaurants are very much well known around the world. Places boasting their great services, palatable plates, and stunning architecture.

The Jewel Bako

Jewel BakoNew York
This is located at New York’s East Village, a sushi restaurant that features an astounding prominent tunnel of curved bamboo slats that was Designed by Japanese architect Hiromi Tsuruta. The restaurant is managed by husband and wife proprietors who brought the tiny eatery are perfectionists for fresh fish deluxe and claims a plentiful list of sake traded in from Japan.
A Japanese Restaurant in Paris that specializes in teppanyaki—fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables grilled on a searing hot stainless-steel grill. Aida is featured in Cuisine Japonaise Authentique’s Guide to Paris, the restaurant has places alongside a counter where the diners can closely watch chef Koji Aida prepare the meal.




Another famed Japanese landmark amongst restaurants in Paris. Kinugawa has presented Japan’s exquisite kaiseki cuisine for more than two decades. Having a walking distance from the Tuileries Metro station, it’s a favorite among French celebrities. Wine and dine with the rich and famous for $110, which gets you a bento box lunch with dessert.


Kiku, Located in London’s West End, is widely held by staff from the nigh Japanese embassy. Critics patronize the genuine palates and atmosphere at the restaurants. Sushi are prepared in front of diners by the master chef himself, making Kiku adjacent to a true Japanese experience.
Narisawa is Japan’s leading restaurant. Built by Yoshihiro Narisawa, this restaurant, aside from having the highest rank in Asia last 2013, it also earned its 14th place at the Sustainable Restaurant Award at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. With Japanese dishes meticulously altered with French techniques, offers indulging palate of finest Japanese ingredients that could ever be prepared. Every dish some of touched by Yashihiro’s twist and drama. Service is refined and polite, but it is Narisawa’s spectacular dishes that bring a transcendent display of the country’s natural beauty and abundance.


NarisawaTokyo, Japan

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