Anko Toast

It can be supposed that Anko can now pass as one of the Japanese staples these days.  Anko is a sweet paste made from zauki beans. Although on their own, Azuki beans are sweet, but they are still commonly sweetened with sugar or honey. The appearance of the azuki beans make it difficult to be Read More →


Aburaage is said to be Japan’s key for the soft tofu problem. Aburaage are tofu pouched made from thinly sliced tofu that are deep fried conferring to an intricate procedure that produces flexible, delicious and resilient tofu. Historically, the Japanese was the first to develop tofu pouches. Although, its history us not much clearly stated. Read More →


Whereas Japanese delicacies are actually adored around the world due to its balanced, unique, and also scrumptious traits, street food is now an increasingly common way for visitors to experience new and unaccustomed cultures. Japan isn’t any exemption since eastern-influenced street foods tend to be doing their way onto plates and hands from around the Read More →


If the things we often use loses its charm and takes quite a beating, same can be said for our kitchen as it is the busiest part of our home. Well here’s a good news for us. If you want something new for a change, you don’t need to renovate your kitchen. You only need Read More →


Mirin is the said to be the 3rd most used ingredient in Japanese cooking. And because Japanese culinary is now widely distributed around the world, mirin can always cause some sort of confusion of what is it really for. Not every kitchen has their own bottle of mirin at hand, so when a Japanese recipe Read More →


Spending too much time on kitchen? You may be doing it wrong. Taste and quality of food does not depend on how long you cook it. It’s how you prepare and work in the kitchen. Having a systemized process in cooking gives you more time for yourself and saves you energy. If this isn’t enough Read More →


Every great cooking 😉 should have a number of essential ingredients at their reach to create wonderful dish as easily as it can be. May them be coconut oil or maybe salt and pepper to spice up your French cooking. Western cooking also involves a number of ingredients at hand, and so does every other Read More →

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Apparently, the Bento boxes are specially made for children and persons who eat outside the comforts of their home for some reasons, may the reasons be because of school days or working hours. Putting some art on those boxes especially on children’s makes it interesting for them to grab and eat what’s in it and Read More →


As you may know, Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of ‘mochigome’, a short-grain glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into a paste and molded into the desired shape. Usually, a little blob .This, instead, looks like a large drop of water but it’s actually a type of mochi! It’s called Mizu Shingen Mochi Read More →

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