If you are too obsessed with everything that’s Japanese, then these cool, handy kitchen gadgets from Japan could be a great addition to what your kitchen currently has. Although some of them are toy-like, they are very helpful in their own unique way.

Here is a selection of clever, strangely-cool Japanese kitchen gadgets. These things are a combination of functionality and fun, and they add convenience when working in the kitchen.


Norimaki Makki Sushi Roll Maker

6112WjgXP1LOriginally, Bandai created this maker as a toy for kids. However, it was a surprise when it worked great miracles in creating sushi. Simply load the chamber with sushi (vinegared rice) and fillings, then close it with a nori (seaweed paper) or ginger wrappers and roll it close. What else is easier and more exciting when making sushi than to use this functional toy?

D-Cell Battery Salt & Pepper Shakers

81WukfQtF3L._SL1500_At first, you may think that this pair is your regular battery once you see them in the mall or market (when released), but a closer look will prove you wrong. These are actually shakers for salt and pepper. They may look unique; but just like other shakers, they also feature a power indicator that signals you if the device already needs recharging.


Spice-Leaf Book


Odd as it is, this peculiarly conceptualized spice book solves the problem of lack of space. Instead of stacking your cupboards with jars of paprika, you can happily settle on this Spice-Leaf Book. It works wonders as it dissolves as it is torn from the book and thrown in the stew. It will be great if this really came out of the market.


Ichi Ni Sando Sandwich Press

sandwich pressIchi, Ni, San are the Japanese terms for one, two, and three. Hence, the name of this product because it ‘literally’ depicts how easy it is to make sandwiches that children will surely enjoy. This artistic and child-friendly kitchen tool is available in many designs such as flower, round, heart, and even teddy bear shapes.



Portable Toasters


The need for easy, fast-run, and portable breakfast is always true to busy people. Because of such need, this product came to existence. This knife-like portable toaster guarantees crisp toasts anytime, anywhere. Simple press it over fresh bread and you’re good to go. But the sad part is this is still a concept.

zing-spring-spoonZing Spring Spoons

Oddly, this gadget is specially made for food fights. Although a little ‘unethical’, some people play with foods served on the table for fun. Just pull the head of the spoon back, aim, release and watch your broccoli hit your targeted opponent. Sorry but this is  not available on most market.





Spinning Spaghetti Fork41OMrlSONDL

Technology nowadays makes any work easier, even the easiest ones. A very good example is this self-spinning spaghetti fork. Is there even a need to explain how it works? It does all the work by automatically winding pasta without a mess. But of course, it is your job to chew and swallow whatever it is in your mouth.






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