Incredible Japanese kitchen implements and gadgets that make life absolutely easier.

Some people just can’t get enough of things made in Japan. If you are one of these fanatics, then pay close attention to the following kitchen gadgets. They only do not look ‘cute and amazing’; they also do the job of hastening kitchen production. Although some of these kitchen equipment look like mere toys, they are very helpful in every way.

Here is another selection of some clever, strangely-cool Japanese kitchenaries that are functional, nifty, and fun to use at the same time.



Kotobuki 410-649 Microwave Taiyaki Maker


Have you ever imagined instant taiyaki at your very own kitchen? Taiyaki, although considered as one of the most difficult Japanese treats, will become as easy as pie with this product. Taiyakis are mostly made with stoves and some mold; but now, all you will need is an oven and you can make them in less than 2 minutes. The package comes with easy-to-follow instructions regarding mixing ingredients and molding. With this product, you can make lovely taiyaki anytime, any day.




Pasta Pasta Maker


Pasta Pasta Maker makes it easier to make delightful Italian pasta at home. All you will need are some refrigerated pasta dough. Simply crank them on the molds and you can already make eight types of pasta. All the fragments of the machine are washable so cleaning them up is easy. If you have never made pasta before, then this is the best time to do one by yourself.






Sugar Bunny Soft Ice Cream Maker

sugar bunny

Amazing, ice cream making has never been this easy! With this ice cream maker from Japan (although it really seems to be a toy), you can make special occasions more memorable. By simply adding ice, pouring all other ingredients, and cranking up the handle, you will have your instant ice cream in minutes.






Double Sided Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader


Making a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be quite a pain, not to mention wasteful in butter knives. We do not want to have some peanut butter in the jelly-side of our sandwich, don’t we? This product makes it easy for sandwich lovers to make sandwiches with two fillings. This spreader is even coded with different colors to be able to easily indicate which end is which.




The Spork


Spoon plus fork is equal to spork – odd yet convenient! Already seen as one of the amazing things made by Japan, it really does work befittingly. Thinking you can eat your meal in one hand, it’s pretty much lethargically enjoyable.





Condiment Gun

condiment gun

Putting ketchup or mayo in your hotdogs leads to a messy sandwich. So, this is what the Japanese have made – a gun. Shoot hotdogs with ketchup mustards and ketchup in the most playful way, and say “Shotgun!”






Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

sauce chopstick

Dispense sauce instantly from your utensils with ease. You will never have to dip from some saucer just to drizzle something on your sushi, which can make a mess at some point. Just squeeze at the end and it’s a go.

Happy eating!


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