Spending too much time on kitchen? You may be doing it wrong. Taste and quality of food does not depend on how long you cook it. It’s how you prepare and work in the kitchen.

Having a systemized process in cooking gives you more time for yourself and saves you energy. If this isn’t enough for you to believe, just wait till you try these kitchen tricks.


  1. Peeling a Ginger with a Spoon

Gingers has these irregular forms that makes it hard to peel. A spoon can easily scrape off its skin minimizing waste rather than using a knife or a vegetable peeler. 3bb1e54c65d89458b630b928d65c7e6a

  1. Small Strainer for Citrus and Lemons

Keep a small strainer with reach in your kitchen. Now you can quickly cut a lemon in half and squeeze it on the strainer to the pot. The pros on this? You will not be bothered by picking up the seeds.


  1. That Small Strainer for Eggs too

Clearly, somehow there’s no for this but if you are willing to know how this could be of convenience, here’s how. When you crack the eggs directly on the small strainer, you remove the excess watery white part of the egg. What will be left is a clean poached up egg.


  1. Have a Garbage Can or Bin near you

Now you don’t have to head back and forth to throw the garbage outside when you have one with you. Also it minimizes your time cleaning up after you cooked something. If this doesn’t help, you may need a bigger garbage can.


  1. Defrosting Meat on Aluminum Trays

We defrost frozen meat by putting it on water. Under cold running tap water is the fastest way. But if you want to save water and speed things up, place the meat on aluminum tray. You get 30 percent faster defrosting the meat this way for Aluminum is a great conductor of heat and will draw energy from its surrounding to the meat.


  1. Partially Freeze Meat before Cutting

You may have experienced this that when you cut meat even with a sharp knife, it seems though it’s hard to slice it. One trick you may is freeze the meat for 10 to 15 minutes to stiffen it and try again. This time it will be easy to cut.


  1. Keep your Kitchen Knives Sharp

Keeping things too obvious helps, a lot! Sharpening knives may be the least of our concern regarding with our kitchen utensils but it must be the most maintained of all. Knife is the most important tool in the kitchen and as well as in the house for its many use. Having it sharpened at least twice a year is a must. Might as well suggests ourselves to get some stones and use it to grind our knives because when you take it to a professional with grinding machines, it wears down the knife, reducing its lifespan, and thinning the metal.


The above tricks are useful enough and it can be done conveniently. Take time to remember these things.

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