Convenient stores are always filled with everything under the sun (well, besides things that cannot fit in them). Generally, they serve as stops for everyday food shopping, from processed to more processed treats. Let’s talk about some of Japan’s Famous Snacks.

Japan is a place that has great respect when it comes to food. And, because of their love for foodstuffs, and technology, the Japanese people have managed to dominate even some convenient stores found outside their borders through their unique versions of actual things made into snacks. Below are some of the famous Japanese snacks. Check them out and see whether you have already eaten one or all of them. If not, then there is certainly a need for you to visit a conbini (Japanese convenience store) near you.


1. Cream Collon


  These are chocolate biscuits that look like burgers.



Wasabi/beef flavored chips.


3. Pucca3

  Crackers with chocolate filling shaped like fish.


 4. Poifull

4     Fruit flavored jelly beans.


5. Crunky Popjoy

Bit-sized chocolates with rice crispies .


 6. Sweetie Gum



 7. Kani Pan


 Crab shaped sweat bread



8. Jagariko


            Jagariko is a play on the word  “Jagarimo” which means potato. This product are cheese and vegetable flavored potato sticks.


9. Koalas March


                Koala shaped cookies with various fillings such as chocolate and strawberry.


 10. Kitkat


              I know, Kitkat is not Japanese. However, Kitkat is consistently one of the top selling chocolate bars in Japan. Kitkat in Japan has many assortments not available in other countries such as cherry blossom flavor.


11. Milky

11        Milk flavored candies that come in various assortments.


 12. Pocky


       Pretzel sticks covered in chocolate. This snack is not only popular in Japan but also in the rest of the world.

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